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‘Digitalisation is about a change in the mindset’

German companies lag behind in the process of digitization – also due to the executives’ mentality and lack of knowledge. Professor Andreas König, spokesperson of the planned Cluster Cyber<>Spaces and economist at the University of Passau, explains in this video how digital transformation could succeed.

In a nutshell

  • German companies struggle with implementing digitalisation. In an ongoing study, Andreas König – Professor for Strategic Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship – and his team observe that ‘among CEOs and among other top managers there are really few who have a true understanding of digitalisation’.
  • German business leaders view digitalisation too technical. But, according to Professor König, digital transformation is so much more: ‘Digitalisation is not just about technical change, but it really is about change in a mindset.’
  • In Professor König’s point of view, politicians need more digital awareness: ‘Legislation in general should become more adaptive to the fact that the world that we will see changing over the next 20 years is going to be different from the world that seems to be the mental mindset of many of the legislations that we currently have.’

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About Professor König

In his research, Professor König investigates, among other phenomena, the question of why established organizations struggle in adapting to discontinuous change. In this context, he especially studies how top executives’ characteristics – their experiences, personalities, and worldviews – influence their decision making. In his work, König particularly relies on methods of computer-assisted content analysis of written and verbal communication of executives, using these discursive vehicles as windows into executives’ minds.

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