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The University of Passau focuses its research on the guiding themes of ‘Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures’, ‘Europe and Global Transformation’ and ‘Migration, Sustainable Development and Just Order’. The Digital Research Magazine presents selected projects on the University's research themes in a high-quality online format. 

Platform Economy

Interdisziplinäres Organisations-Team der DPE Ringvorlesung an der Universität Passau

The interdisciplinary team of the University of Passau who organised the distinguished keynote series on ‘Digital Platform Ecosystems’ draw their joint conclusions and reveal their learnings in this video.

Projects related to guiding theme 'Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures'

Sustainable Development

Unter anderem auf Windkraft setzt Deutschland bei der Energiewende. Symbolbild: Colourbox

The Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence “Integrated Energy Systems” CINES is establishing a research group relating to science communication led by Professor Hannah Schmid-Petri.

Projects related to the guiding theme 'Migration, Sustainable Development and Just Order'

Europe and Global Transformation

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