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The University of Passau focuses its research on the guiding themes of ‘Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures’, ‘Europe and Global Transformation’ and ‘Migration, Sustainable Development and Just Order’. The Digital Research Magazine presents selected projects on the University's research themes in a high-quality online format. 

Current topic

Early career researchers


This is the conclusion reached by a research team from the University of Passau and the IÉSEG School of Management in a study conducted as part of a German Research Foundation (DFG) project.

Projects related to guiding theme 'Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures'

Sustainable Development

Setzling in menschlicher Hand - wie lässt sich Wachstum umwelt- und sozialverträglich gestalten? Symbolbild: Colourbox

What will good management for the future look like? Dr. Annekatrin Meißner of the Institute of Applied Ethics in Economy, Education and Training on employee and corporate management, consumer behaviour and ethics. By Nicola Jacobi

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