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Europe and global change

International Guests

[Translate to English:] Die EU aus US-Perspektive: Phil Bednarczyk bei seinem Vortrag an der Universität Passau

Phil Bednarczyk, political advisor on Europe for the US Congress, has spent the last months as Robert Bosch Fellow in Passau and Dresden. His impressions. By Phil Bednarczyk

Zu Gast an der Universität Passau: Prof. Dr. Zhanna Nekrashevich-Karotkaja

Zhanna Nekrashevich-Karotkaja, Professor of Literature in Minsk, visited the University of Passau as a Humboldt scholar. In our interview, she explains why this is unusual in her country and what she has gained from her time in Passau.

Knowledge transfer


Prof. Dr. Jan Krämer im Gespräch über datengetriebene Geschäftsmodelle und digitale Plattform-Ökonomie

Professor Jan Krämer examines market power in the digital platform economy. His analyses show that users may not be the most vulnerable.


Just Order

[Translate to English:]

Our case study in Burkina Faso suggests that glasses costing a couple of dollars are still too expensive and need to be subsidised to reach high levels of coverage. By Prof. Dr. Michael Grimm and Renate Hartwig, PhD

Passau researchers present the findings of their study in Tunis.

Tunisia is regarded as a trailblazer when it comes to women's rights in the Islamic world. However, a weak economy exacerbates traditional gender role thinking, finds a Passau study conducted for the International Labour Organization.

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