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The University of Passau focuses its research on the guiding themes of Digitalisation, Sustainability and Europe. The Digital Research Magazine presents selected projects on the University's research themes in a high-quality online format. 

Data Law

Register now for the bidt-project's conference "Vectors of Data Disclosure" #VoD22 on 27th and 28th June in Munich, where the interdisciplinary research team will present and discuss their first findings on different legal and cultural contexts of data protection. In the run-up to the event, participating researchers will give us a glimpse into their work.

The Research Center for Law and Digitization (FREDI) brought together internationally renowned speakers to discuss and analyse the different layers of current data policy. Video impressions and Twitter reactions

Distinguished keynote series on 'Digital Platform Ecosystems' at the University of Passau

In the distinguished keynote series 'Digital Platform Ecosystems (DPE)', internationally outstanding researchers have presented their latest findings.

Wirtschaftsinformatiker Philipp Sleziona und Marketingforscherin Alina Grüner; Foto: Studio Weichselbaumer

Affective reactions—or gut feelings—play a key role in consumer decision-making. Researchers at the University of Passau are seeking to understand this process better and help consumers make better decisions.

Projects related to guiding theme 'Digitalisation'

University Perspectives

Researchers from various disciplines examine the political, historical and cultural dynamics of the Ukraine war. For our benefit, they will be contextualising current developments and the background circumstances. 

Part 7: Management accounting expert Professor Robert Obermaier on how the economy can protect itself against future shocks.

Brennende Leiterplatte. Symbolfoto: Adobe Stock

Part 6: IT security expert Professor Stefan Katzenbeisser about the very real consequences of a virtual war and the question of whether our infrastructure is adequately protected.

Ruine der Festungssynagoge in der westukrainischen Stadt Brody, die in den 1740er Jahren erbaut wurde und im Zweiten Weltkrieg schwer beschädigt wurde. Foto: Adobe Stock

Part 5: Dr. Natalia Poluhin-Ivanusa, a scholar of Eastern European history from Ukraine, tells us about the Jewish population in her home country.

Projects related to research focus on sustainable development


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