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Europe and global Change


Prof. Dr. Jan Krämer (links) und Prof. Dr. Andreas König im Gespräch.

Business data processing specialist Professor Jan Krämer and innovation researcher Professor Andreas König about their plans concerning a research training group on the subject of ‘Cyber Economy and Management’.

Data Policies

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Social Logins, Fulfilment by Amazon, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages: A team of researchers at the University of Passau has applied game theory models to analyse services offered by large online platforms. What may sound good, might come at a price...

In many cases, internet users benefit from the prominent display of certain content, a study finds.

Researchers from Passau and Namur, Belgium, have investigated discriminatory practices of online platforms such as sponsored search results and paid prominence. The research was commissioned by Brussels-based think tank CERRE.

Dr. Daniel Schnurr, information systems scholar at the University of Passau

In the video interview, Dr. Daniel Schnurr, information systems scholar at the University of Passau, speaks about the fallout of the Facebook data scandal and about how users develop a sense of value for their data.


Neoclassica-team (left to right): Professor Siegfried Handschuh (computer scientist), Simon Donig (historian), Maria Christoforaki, Bernhard Bermeitinger (both: computer scientists)

Under the auspices of Neoclassica project, a team of computer scientists and a historian are teaching machines to recognise neoclassical furniture in images. To do this, they are using neural networks that Google has already pre-trained.

Insight into the laboratory for cultural heritage digitisation

Network research is a key pillar of digital humanities. The laboratory for cultural heritage digitisation, where documents and cultural artefacts are captured for data analysis, is the hub around which the networking-centred discipline revolves.

Just Order

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Our case study in Burkina Faso suggests that glasses costing a couple of dollars are still too expensive and need to be subsidised to reach high levels of coverage. By Prof. Dr. Michael Grimm and Renate Hartwig, PhD

Passau researchers present the findings of their study in Tunis.

Tunisia is regarded as a trailblazer when it comes to women's rights in the Islamic world. However, a weak economy exacerbates traditional gender role thinking, finds a Passau study conducted for the International Labour Organization.

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