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Portal OASys - visualizing research worldwide

Portal OASys - visualizing research worldwidePortal OASys - visualizing research worldwide

In the project "Online Request Administration System - OASys", requests concerning international research collaboration are submitted and managed via a token-based web application. This generic system meets all the requirements of its Bavarian university centers, consolidates the integrated data statistically and serves as a tool of visualization. Hence it is possible to export information regarding requests into excel and present relevant documents by means of a complete digital record for research cooperations. 

Besides, this record can be made available to third parties.

Interacitve research map

Within that file, it is possible to provide an overview over the financed institutions as well as details concerning various projects, evaluations and statistics including gender aspects, participating entities, distribution by addressing research topics, cost allocation etc. They enable the visitor to have an interactive research map.

Supporting organisations

The project is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture, Science and Arts. In 2013, the first prototype was created for the Bavarian-French academic center and the project is managed by the Chair of Computer Science with a focus on Distributed Information Systems led by Prof Dr. Harald Kosch. The Online Submission System has already been actively used by the BFHZ with positive feedback and covers all the cooperations with countries targeted by BayFOR with their research programme BayIntAn; these include countries within the European Union, the USA, Latin America, Russia, India and China.

Principal Investigator(s) at the University Prof. Dr. Harald Kosch (Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Verteilte Informationssysteme)
Project period 01.04.2015 - 30.09.2016
Source of funding
BayStMWK - Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst
BayStMWK - Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst
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