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Geographical NetWorkshop: migration, education and inclusion in school contexts

Geographical NetWorkshop: migration, education and inclusion in school contexts

It is not just since the "long summer of migration" (2015) that questions of social integration have been the subject of intensive public and social science discussions. A key role is assigned to the institution "school" in these debates, and rightly so. 

School is important for successful integration. And not only in its function as a formal educational institution. It also highly relevant as an everyday arena for informal social contacts and interactions between migrants and peers (co-pupils) from the so-called majority society. Investigating the social integration of migrant pupils in the structure of classes, the project takes an empirical look at this dual integration function of schools.

Project management:

Junior Professor Miriam Kuckuck
Professor Malte Steinbrink
Project staff:

Dipl.-Geographer Philipp Aufenvenne

Nina Leimbrink, M.Ed.

Max Pochard (B.A.)
Funding: Expertise and Cooperation for a Basic Inclusion Qualification (EKBI) (Teacher Education Centre), research pool of the University of Osnabrück (UOS)

Collaboration with: 

Teaching Education Centre at the University of Osnabrück


Gymnasium in der Wüste

Möser Realschule am Westerberg

Integrierte Gesamtschule (IGS) Eversburg

Principal Investigator(s) at the University Prof. Dr. Malte Steinbrink (Lehrstuhl für Anthropogeographie)

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