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Visitgod: blog on questions of faith

Visitgod: blog on questions of faith

Why is there a name for God? What is 'church'? Passau’s Chair of Dogmatics and Fundamental Theology has initiated a blog in which pupils can discuss questions of faith.

New forms of communication

Many questions regarding faith and religion cannot be answered individually by textbooks. In light of the changes in communication in modern times, the Church has to employ modern media channels as well.

The research project therefore primarily focuses on observing and analysing communication phenomena regarding matters of religion and faith on the internet. The ways of reasoning, existing knowledge and openness to dialogue in online communication will be the research object.

An opportunity for exchange beyond religious education classes

The Visitgod blog provides short informational posts. However, the website is centred on a forum which offers an opportunity for pupils to engage in discussions on difficult or problematic subjects of faith with others. It is supposed to present pupils with an opportunity beyond school classes to adopt a position and exchange their views with others.

Together with students, Dr Edyta Opyd, a graduate teaching assistant at the Chair of Dogmatics and Fundamental Theology, started the online project with the support of the chairholder, Professor Hermann Stinglhammer.

Principal Investigator(s) at the University Prof. Dr. Hermann Stinglhammer (Lehrstuhl für Dogmatik und Fundamentaltheologie)

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