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PfEiL: Predictors of Success in Teaching Profession

PfEiL: Predictors of Success in Teaching Profession

The longitudinal study "Predictors for Success in Teaching Profession" (German: Prädiktoren für Erfolg im Lehrerberuf, PfEiL) aims at identifying predictors of individual development of competencies and success in teaching profession. It analyses personal attributes, motivational orientation, experiencing profession related stress, and job performance in teacher-training and teaching profession.


So far 918 subjects (m = 191, f = 499, not specified = 228) participated in this longitudinal study. Four measurements are being conducted over a period of time ranging from the first semester to 5 years after they successfully entered their teaching careers. Experiencing stress and coping (AVEM, Schaarschmidt & Fischer, 2006), academic grades, self-efficacy (SWE, Schwarzer & Jerusalem, 1999), job related interest, work and social commitment and other personal attributes are being measured repeatedly. 


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