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Stories in the section Early Career Researchers

Early career researchers contribute significantly to the University's research excellence. We want to acknowledge this contribution and share their research. This section comprises the topics that our early career researchers are working on.

Symbolbild: Kinderschuhe in der Unikinderkrippe "Krabbelstube Krümelkiste".
Symbolbild: Kinderschuhe in der Unikinderkrippe "Krabbelstube Krümelkiste".

A study conducted by economists from the Universities of Passau and Potsdam has revealed that, while public childcare…

Kulturpreis Bayern

A native of Berlin, Dr Manuela Fritz came to Passau to study Southeast Asia: She has now been awarded the Kulturpreis…

Doktorand Stefan Klessinger.
Doktorand Stefan Klessinger.

With his ongoing research on the recognition of structures in data, Stefan Klessinger, a doctoral student from Passau,…


A study conducted by early career researchers based on data from Switzerland has revealed: On days when temperatures…

Dissertation of Janina Garbas

Marketing researcher Janina Garbas focused on innovative technology-driven business models in her doctoral dissertation…

Doing a Doctorate at the University of Passau:

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