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Jelena Mitrović is interim Junior Professor of Computational Rhetoric and NLP at the University of Passau.

From Serbia to Passau, from junior researcher to interim Junior Professor of Computational Rhetoric and NLP: Jelena Mitrović combines the ancient art of Rhetoric with Artificial Intelligence.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Trempler erklärt die Emerenz-Meier-Büste in Passau.

The district of Lower Bavaria is documenting public art on the "Art in Lower Bavaria" web platform. Thanks to the work of students at the Chair of Professor Trempler, the project has been enriched by around 70 works of art in recent months.

Ein 3-D Drucker druckt einen Kopf. Screenshot des Videos zu "Ars digitalica"

The Ars digitalica exhibition: Cooperation between the University of Passau and Galerie König-Schalinski bears witness to the fact that art and new digitisation technologies make a perfect pair.

International Guests

Prof. Grimm und Dr. Asiedu im Gespräch über Armut in Ghana.

Dr Edward Asiedu from Ghana experienced poverty in his childhood. Now he is researching ways to effectively combat it. In this interview with Professor Grimm, he reveals what he hopes to gain from his stay in Passau.

Portrait von Prof. Dr. Christine Schmitt und Dr. João De Deus Vidal Júnior.

He almost had to give up his research because of the financial crisis in Brazil. But thanks to a Humboldt Fellowship, biologist Dr João De Deus Vidal Júnior can continue working on tropical mountain regions - with Professor Christine Schmitt.

Dr. Hanna Sarmina im Gespräch mit Prof. Dr. Ralf Hohlfeld vor dem Zentrum für Medien und Kommunikation an der Universität Passau.

Six Ukrainian researchers have been given the opportunity to continue their work at the University of Passau thanks to a scholarship awarded by the Volkswagen Foundation. We are introducing them in a series, starting with communication scholar Dr....

Knowledge Transfer

Lviv, Stadt im Westen der Ukraine, nahe der polnischen Grenze. Foto: Adobe Stock

In the Ukrainian city of Lviv, sirens are howling outside while Oleksandr Rudyak sits inside, conferencing online with Professor Andreas König about his mater's thesis. And both have an idea.

Günther Jauch, Moderator der beliebten RTL-Quiz-Sendung "Wer wird Millionär?". Foto: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Using data from the German version of the quiz show "Who wants to be a millionaire?", Professor Carolin Häussler and Dr. Sabrina Vieth have been investigating when people in the digital age resort to which problem-solving strategies.

Schwarz-Weißes synthetisches Tiefenbild, das mit der in Benjamin Planches Diplomarbeit beschriebenen Methode (DepthSynth) erstellt wurde

For his outstanding doctoral thesis on CAD-based visual recognition, computer scientist Dr. Benjamin Planche has been awarded the Dissertation Award 2022 by the Franco-German University (FGU).

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