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Jelena Mitrović is interim Junior Professor of Computational Rhetoric and NLP at the University of Passau.

From Serbia to Passau, from junior researcher to interim Junior Professor of Computational Rhetoric and NLP: Jelena Mitrović combines the ancient art of Rhetoric with Artificial Intelligence.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Trempler erklärt die Emerenz-Meier-Büste in Passau.

The district of Lower Bavaria is documenting public art on the "Art in Lower Bavaria" web platform. Thanks to the work of students at the Chair of Professor Trempler, the project has been enriched by around 70 works of art in recent months.

Ein 3-D Drucker druckt einen Kopf. Screenshot des Videos zu "Ars digitalica"

The Ars digitalica exhibition: Cooperation between the University of Passau and Galerie König-Schalinski bears witness to the fact that art and new digitisation technologies make a perfect pair.

International Guests

Humboldt fellow and computer scientist Abdorasoul Ghasemi is using his stay at the University of Passau to advance the concept of resiliency, which concerns not only modern energy systems but also society at large.

Kendall Taylor, University of Passau

In August 2020, the US American lawyer Kendall Taylor packed her bags to start as a guest researcher at the University of Passau. A discussion about researching abroad during the coronavirus pandemic. Interview: Florian Kammermeier

Paneltalk with Professor Jörg Fedtke, Brian Preston, Jaap Spier, Bastiaan Kock, Ulrich Magnus, Bernhard Koch, Markus Kiermayer, Yaroslav Kyselov

What role can judges play in tackling the climate crisis? Professor Jörg Fedtke discusses these and other issues with an international panel including judges and legal scholars as well as students from the University of Passau.

Knowledge Transfer

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Scientists, along with students, are developing new concepts for the use of digital media in education.

Zeichnung eines Zuges, der durch eine grüne Landschaft fährt.

Against the backdrop of climate change, the railway is experiencing a revival. However, some steps still need to be taken to actually make it into a means of transport of the future, according to the two Passau professors Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser and...

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Mobility is a megatrend. Each and every one of us would like to and needs to be mobile. Anyone who is not mobile is standing still. The interplay of business, politics and science plays an important role in this. Why?

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