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Guiding Themes

To further increase its international visibility and strategically group its research activities, the University has agreed upon three guiding themes which it intends to foster with particular care, and which were consequently derived from the concept on which the University was founded:

Europe and global transformation has become one of the guiding themes of the University of Passau due to its proximity to Austria and the Czech Republic.

The University was established in 1978 in Passau, located in the region where the borders of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic meet. At the time, due to its proximity to both Austria and the Iron Curtain, the issue of Europe was tangible.

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In recent years, Europe’s responsibility to respond to global challenges with appropriate strategies for solutions has increasingly led to academic debates over questions of development amongst researchers at the University of Passau.

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Working across disciplines and faculties, the University of Passau has consistently been in-vestigating another global development since 2011: the effects of digitalisation on society.

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